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If you are reading this now, you realize how important the Internet is to business. Even though the web is the place
for business, why should you jump in?

Three reasons you need a website now!

  • Your competitors probably have a website already and are snapping up your customers
  • You can do business 24/7 – Make connections and money while you sleep
  • Reach your local, regional and global markets with one very cost effective tool

How can we help you?

  • 99WEBSITES.NET can get your website up quickly, provide you with budget friendly hosting, domain registration, and even consulting and coaching services
  • 99WEBSITES.NET will build you a Powerful but Simple site that will get Your Message out Right Away

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Why Use $99 Websites?

Because your time is valuable, we will get down to the point. 99WEBSITES.NET specializes in designing powerful, professional all-in-one-page websites that contain all the elements you will need to have an immediate presence on the Internet within days!

Your all-in-one-page website will be equivalent to a five page website that will have plenty of room to tell customers about your goods or services, your reputation, experience, even feature your products, pictures, and testimonials. You will only pay $99 for the website!

You will also get your very own business email address and contact form for inquiries and easy customer data collection.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking customers, a consultant wanting to connect to clients or an author promoting your work, an internet presence is indispensable. 99WEBSITES.NET will save you time and money.

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Featured Product

99WEBSITES.NET All-in-One-Page website package includes all the features of a five page website, but more effective in delivering the complete message quickly and directly right from the first page. All the professional design and programming work is included for this low, low price. You only need to add hosting for only $0.27/day. Your competition won’t know how little you paid. The best kept secret on the internet!


Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth for One year


Web Design Fee
+ Monthly Hosting

$99.00 + $9.99/month

Web Design Fee
+ Yearly Hosting

$99.00 + $99.00/Year